The FXX holds a commanding position among sports cars of the 2000s. It is one of the world's most advanced, exclusive track-only supercars. As the result of Ferrari's continued development of the popular Enzo, the FXX's looks are enticing, and its performance is astonishing. Yet there is more to the story.

The FXX was not merely built and sold. It was campaigned through the Ferrari's Corse Clienti department. The FXX Programme offered FXX owners the opportunity to draw close to Ferrari in a unique series of factory-organized track events. The events gained Ferrari valuable test data while cultivating a special lifestyle for participants.

Ferrari FXX Inside Out depicts the passion behind the car and its track activities. The book describes the history of the FXX, including design and development. The author also recounts an insider's perspective of the FXX Programme. Thus, half of the book's content discusses the FXX as a model, while the other half covers the history of the track activities.

The Author:

The book is written and published by Philip Bachman, an active participant in the FXX Programme from 2006-2011. He serves as a Senior Judge for the Ferrari Club of America.

Philip shares his memories of the FXX Programme in the book. He also describes the lifestyle surrounding the cars. Although not an official Ferrari publication, Ferrari graciously contributed much of the book's content.

Book Specifications:

The book is a collector-quality laminated hardcover. The cover, text, and pictures are printed using full color processing. A multitude of images are included in the book, ranging from documentary photos to action shots. The book is printed and bound in the United States.

In addition to the standard books, there is a limited edition featuring Schedoni leather wraps. Based in Modena, Italy, Schedoni is globally renowned for hand-crafting leather luggage for Ferrari. Each of the 50 Schedoni Edition books are signed by the author and numbered within the series.

ISBN: 978-0-9856594-0-0
Book size: 10x10 in. (25.4x25.4 cm)
Page count: 156


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